Our Mission

We love providing our customers with unique, quality products and customer service that creates conversations.

Our Vision

Create unique products that our customers love.

We Believe

  • The world is complicated, and our products simplify our customers’ lives.
  • Customers should be happy with our products. If customers aren’t happy with our products, we should refund their money so they are at least happy with our business.

Customer Promises

  • Treat customers the way we enjoy being treated.
  • Respond to customer inquiries within one business day.
  • If any customer is unhappy, do whatever what we can to make it right.

Core Values

We use our four core values – Right Attitude, Personal Growth, Honest Communication, and Effectiveness – as a basis for how we treat each other and our customers.

Right Attitude

  • “Work Hard, Laugh Hard”
  • Healthy Mind, Body, & Spirit
  • Generous

Personal Growth

  • Enjoys Challenges
  • Open & Flexible
  • Always Learning

Honest Communication

  • Courage to Say & Do Right Thing
  • Respectful
  • High Motives


  • Dependable
  • Results Oriented
  • Quality Quantity
  • Cost Conscious